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COVID-19 Vaccines: A Guide for Individuals

Kết quả xổ số xsmn hôm nayGet up-to-date information, articles, frequently asked questions and more about COVID-19 vaccines.

When can I get vaccinated?

Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe?



  • – This infographic outlines the vaccine life cycle and safety steps at each phase. (2020) PDF


  • – This infographic outlines the vaccine life cycle and safety steps at each phase. (2020) PDF

AHA Joins AMA and ANA backing science-based COVID-19 vaccine development and urges adoption.

Two clinicians in lab coats, masks, and gloves, hold a vial of blood they are testing and examine the sample under a microscope.For Hospitals and Health Systems

Resources for the planning, allocation, distribution, administration, storage & handling, educating health care workers and patients, and more for COVID-19 vaccine.


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